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Volunteer general questions and answers

Who can be a volunteer at the European Universities Games 2021 in Belgrade?2021-03-04T14:55:33+01:00

Volunteer can be any person who at the time of holding the games is over 15 years old (if it is a foreign citizen – older than 18 years), who is hard working, responsible, not prosecuted and convicted individual, with the desire to help and gain new knowledge and experience.

How can I apply?2021-03-05T15:24:25+01:00

You can fill in the application form on our website, after that one of our colleagues will contact you and inform you about the further selection and recruitment process.

How many volunteers will participate in the EUG2021 competition?2021-03-04T17:55:21+01:00

Since more than 5,000 athletes from all over Europe will compete in as many as 21 sports events in numerous locations at the European Universities Games in Belgrade, we need all the help.

We plan to include 2,500 volunteers.

Do I need any specific knowledge or skills to be selected as a volunteer?2021-03-04T17:59:38+01:00

Volunteers will carry out a wide variety of duties on the EUG2021, and we are confident that everyone can find a position that fits their skills and affinities. Communicative individuals with a good command of at least one foreign language could get a roll of an attaché to athletes or they can provide information at the info desk, while less communicative volunteers, but maybe skilled in IT, will be able to provide IT support or create credentials, for example. There will be various jobs – you can see the list of all sectors in the description of the application form. The most important thing is your motivation! It is not excluded that you will be assigned duties that you may not have done so far if you express your desire to advance in that field, and you will be guided by your coordinator.

Do I have any advantage if I apply earlier than the others?2021-03-04T18:00:14+01:00

No, the selection does not depend on the date of application. However, please do not wait until the last minute so that we can contact and interview all applicants on time.

Do I have to volunteer throughout the EUG2021 competition, or can I volunteer for only a certain number of days?2021-03-04T18:00:51+01:00

One of the most important criteria is the ability to volunteer throughout the competition days, so these candidates will have advantage when choosing the volunteers. Of course, if you need to leave your shift one day for objective reasons, we will surely meet you and find a replacement for the day, just let us know early. It’s all about agreement and good organization.

Do you provide accommodation in Belgrade for volunteers who are not able to do it on their own?2021-03-04T18:01:26+01:00

Yes, but our options are limited. A total of 300 volunteers will be provided accommodation during the EUG2021 dormitory “4th April”, of which 150 seats will be reserved for volunteers from abroad and the remaining 150 will be reserved for volunteers from other cities in Serbia. This does not limit the number of foreign and volunteers from other cities in Serbia who have self-insured accommodation.

Do volunteers get paid for their work? If not, what are my benefits?2021-03-04T18:05:12+01:00

Volunteers do not receive financial compensation for their work, but the benefits they receive are many. In addition to the experience, new friends, and memories you will gain, each volunteer will be provided with:

a) Accreditation, which is also a pass for the whole program of the competition, which will enable free public transport during the Games;

b) Official volunteer uniform, retained by the volunteer at the end of the competition;

c) Meal during the volunteer shift;

d) Certificate of successfully completed volunteering;

e) Numerous other benefits such as discounts on purchases and ESPB points, more info will be available shortly.

We guarantee that volunteering at the European Universities Games will be a unique experience that will enrich your life as well as your professional biography. Don’t miss the opportunity to make the history of European Universities Sport together – sign up and be part of our largest team!

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