Who are the people that no event is possible without? What is the driving force of every big event like the fifth European Universities Games, which will be held in Belgrade from July 14 to 27?

Even in the Serbian capital this summer, volunteers will be an important part of the successful organization of the largest sports competition in Europe in 2021. Without their energy, youth and creativity, it is difficult to imagine the complete success we strive for.

That every volunteer is worth a lot and that photos sometimes say 1000 words, we were convinced last week while shooting a photo story where they participated together with athletes (Rastko Anicic beach handball, Ivan Micic handball, Andjela Gudzic beach handball, Marko Milivojevic basketball, Stefan Mitanovski asketball and Anica Majstorovic judo) and the mascot EUG 2021 Laki.

Laki was up to the task, as a true team player and “energizer”, while the volunteers were smiling and always ready for dynamic work.

For now, we have more than 1,900 of them in the EUG 2021. To organize the competition that will host more than 5,000 athletes from all over Europe, 2,500 people are needed to help everything in various stages for the top level organization. We have still 300 free spaces for domestic ones and those from abroad. A lot of unforgettable stories, new friends and a specific experience in a sports environment are real benefits that attract young people.

The registration for volunteering is still ongoing and we are inviting all young people with a big heart and good will to join us and become part of the EUG 2021 world.