University Sports Association of Serbia (USSS) is the main university sport institution in Serbia. Members of USSS are associations of seven public universities: University Sports Association of Belgrade, Sports Association University of Belgrade, University of Arts Sports Club, Sports Association University of Novi Sad, Sports Association University of Kragujevac, Sports Association University of Niš and Sports Association University of Novi Pazar.

University Sports Association of Serbia is a member of FISU and EUSA. Founded on May 8th 1953 as the as University Association for Physical Education of Yugoslavia. Since 2006, as University Sports Association of Serbia, five World University Championships were organized. USSS hosted Taekwondo, Kayak and Rowing in 2008, futsal in 2010 and first ever basket 3×3 WUC held in Kragujevac in 2012.

2009 Summer Universiade

Biggest sport event ever held in Belgrade was the 25th Summer Universiade held from July 1-12 2009. Total of 6300 athletes from 145 countries participated and beside the capital city of Serbia, events took place in Obrenovac, Vršac, Pančevo, Zrenjanin, Smederevo and Novi Sad.

Candidature for the host city of 2009 Summer Universiade were submitted in 2004. Decision that the 25th Edition will be held in Belgrade was announced on January 19th 2005 in Innsbruck. Belgrade was chosen in front of city of Monterey, Mexico and city of Poznan, Poland.

Students from all around the world competed in 15 sports. Shooting, Athletics, Basketball, Sword fighting, Sport and Rhythmic Gymnastics, Football, Judo, Swimming, Tennis, Table Tennis, Taekwondo, Volleball, Water Polo and Diving were part on program.

The biggest star of this student competition was Olympic gold medalist from Beijing and London, Russian gymnast Yevgeniya Kanayeva, who won five gold medals in Belgrade. Russia was the most successful nation with 76 medals, out of which 27 were gold.

Medals were designed by the students of Faculty of the Applied Arts: Nina Vujasin, Jovana Petković and Marko Stanković and they were made by Serbia´s National Bank mint.

Volunteer network was consisted out of 16 000 people and special guests in Belgrade were volunteers from Tatarstan, Russia. Total of 160 people from Tatarstan came as a part of preparations for 2013 Summer Universiade in Kazan.

Summer Universiade mascot was a Sparrow, symbol of Belgrade. It was decided that his name will be Srba which got the more votes than Cvrle and Dživdžan.

Student-athletes in Serbia compete in their University leagues and the best teams compete at inter-university events to decide who will represent the USSS at international competitions.

Serbian students compete at the biggest university competitions, Summer and Winter Universiades, as well as European University Championships. Also, they regularly participate at the biggest world and European student competitions. Biggest international success were made by the women volleyball team and the men and women basketball teams.