Athletes and students are special kind of people. They are those who delay their current satisfactions to achieve some bigger goals. Students want to achieve greatness by being the best in their field of expertise, and athletes want to break records, set standards and write their names in history books. When students and athletes are both in one person, then it becomes really special. We are happy that Belgrade will next year host thousands of people that manage to combine their academic life and in the same time changing the boundaries in sport.

Certainly, the efforts that university athletes show are worth something and doing sports during University studies have benefits for their life afterwards.

Some people consider that those with dual careers have potential to be the leaders of tomorrow, due to skills that they carry and nurture in sport that are crucial for the success in their careers.

Most importantly, both students and athletes are dedicated workers. They know that only hard work and giving maximum at every practice gives results. If you read interviews of famous athletes, you often can find that they had to sacrifice something in order to succeed.

Also, every athlete knows that you need to respect the rules, teammates and opponent if you want to succeed. In the world where we all want to achieve the highest goals, we mustn´t forget that we have boundaries in form of rules to make the fight fair.

Athletes know that it is really important to accept and respect your role and tasks inside the team. Not everyone can become the champion of the world or the record holder, but that doesn´t mean that we can disappoint those who believe in us and expect that every member of the team do his/her job the best way possible.

Athletes are excellent in time management, and those who manage to combine sports and academic life are masters of that skill. To be able to know how to manage time and remain dedicated and focused to their athletic and university duties and tasks is real magic.

Last, but perhaps the most important trait of athletes and why they will one day certainly be on top of their future job is that they know how to cope with the critics and learn from their mistakes. Every day we encounter challenges with which we need to fight with and it is well-known that the best are those that can get up every time and be even stronger.

So, next July, capital of Serbia will be filled with those people that never give up and that will one day be on top of some field in life. Future leaders of the World, welcome next year in Belgrade to the fifth European Universities Games!