A meeting of the EUSA Supervision Commission representatives with the team in charge of organizing the fifth European Universities Games was held in Belgrade in the past three days. The visit to the Serbian capital, which will host more than 5,000 athletes from over 400 universities from more than 40 countries in the period from July 14 to 27, was the first of its kind in 2021, where the EUSA representatives had the opportunity to see progress in all organizational aspects of the event that will be the largest one on the planet after the Tokyo Olympics. Representatives of all the organizational departments of the EUG 2021 team, led by the director of EUB 2020 Mr Predrag Juskovic, deputy director Ms Anita Dobre and  project manager Mr Dragan Atanasov, presented everything that was done in the previous period and stated all ongoing activities so that Belgrade is fully ready for summer and the beginning of the Games. A special part of the meeting was dedicated to the situation related to COVID-19, regulations and protocol that will raise the level of health care to the highest possible level so that all participants of the Games feel safe. The organizers reassured the Commission that the greatest possible attention was being paid to this issue.

– We are preparing for the Games at full capacity. All departments work according to the EUSA activity plans and requirements, respecting all competition standards. The government of the Republic of Serbia has adopted the budget of the company for the organization of the Games. The implementation of the Public Procurement Plan for the remaining activities that need to be done in accordance with the needs of the fifth EUG has been adopted. The preparation and signing the contracts with sports facilities determined for the competition is in progress, as well as contracts with media partners – said the director of the EUB company Mr Predrag Juskovic.

EUSA representatives led by the Vice President of the Executive Committee Mr Haris Pavletic, a member of that body Dr Milan Zvan and the Secretary General Mr Matjaz Pecovnik expressed satisfaction with all that was done and emphasized that the Games in Belgrade, in addition to a large number of participants and sports, will be written in history as unique venture given the situation in which the whole world finds itself due to the COVID-19 pandemic.