World of sport knows a lot of “professors”. People that left a huge mark in their career, by their knowledge or skills at the sports field. However, one person is the most famous professor in the world of football. Football coach that for decades is among the best in his business and in his football career also has the fact that he participated at the World University Football Championships.

Football fans are familiar that Arsene Wenger was a student of Economics at the University of Strasbourg. However, his CV also has a fact that he was a part of the French University Football team at the fifth World University Football Championship in Uruguay.

Talking about his University days he always stresses the love of sport as the main driving power of the team:

“There was a great team spirit that you can´t find in the football today, we were all friends and sincerely wanted to fulfill our dreams together.”

Right there at the University he was noticed by Jean Deffur who recognized the talent of young Arsene Wenger and you can say that the University sport is to blame for his successful career in the world of football. Currently, the most famous professor in the world of football is without a club and this looks like the perfect timing to go back to his roots and we hope that he will lead a student team at the fifth European Universities Games in Belgrade next year.