The EUSA delegation led by heads of EUG 2021 also visited one of the sports facilities that will host student-athletes at the fifth European Universities Games, which are scheduled for July 14 to 27 next year in Belgrade.

The famous sports center “Sumice” in the Vozdovac municipality, the playing ground of many important events in recent decades has undergone a complete reconstruction with the great help of the Government of the Republic of Serbia, which was seen by the EUSA guests who have expressed satisfaction with everything done in the sports hall, locker rooms and other rooms.

A complete reconstruction of nine locker rooms with shower cabins was done, including electrical, ie works on the water sewerage. The hallways, four toilets in the area in front of the locker rooms, have also been reconstructed. The parquet and parquet surface in the large sports hall were replaced, painting works were done and the VIP box was reconstructed. A complete service of the air conditioning system with the replacement of certain parts and chillers was also done.

“Sumice”, which has been an important place for Belgrade and Serbian sports since 1973, will host a handball and futsal tournament during EUG 2021.