The new dates were not easy to determine, Mr. Predrag Juskovic, director of the 5th European Universities Games, told us. It had to be taken into care not to coincide with the Olympics and other major competitions. We have insisted that the Games should not start in late June or early July, but in very late July due to the students who live in the Student dormitory which will be the Sports Village during this time. Even some of them got mad at me because now we are partly overlapping with the Olympics which are being rescheduled for next year. It was important to all of us and to the Student Center management that students, living in the Student dormitory, remain in their rooms until the end of June.

Preparing for the organization of the 5. European universities sports games were in its final stage, a lot has already been done and ready for this to be the best and greatest European universities sports games so far.


We have done a lot in the previous period, said the first man in charge of the 5. European Universities Games organization, regarding the organization of games, and I am free to say that we were at 80% readiness at the moment. According to the postponement of the Games, we carry out our regular tasks in accordance with the recommendations of the Government of the Republic of Serbia and current circumstances. We have continued with investment works that were planned for the purposes of maintaining the games, and were approved by our financial plan for 2020 by the Government of the Republic of Serbia. Work is ongoing in the Student dormitory, which is determined to be a Sports Village during games, providing a much higher quality level of student rooms than it was before. Wireless internet is implemented in all rooms, air-conditioning in rooms and restaurants is completing, rooms with wall painting and floors tidying are in process, bathrooms with new furniture and some repairs are being arranged, restaurant space is being renovated and much more to improve the living conditions of the future generations. These will be brand new and higher quality conditions for students’ learning and life. In addition to these works and under the administration of the City of Belgrade, reconstruction of three sports facilities are also in progress: the SC Gale Muskatirovic, SC Vozdovac and SC Sumice, which are in the final stage. Both of these large investments approved by the RS Government will be significant legacy of the Games. After the state of emergency ends, the construction of the handball and beach volleyball field on Ada Ciganlija will continue for the purpose of the Games, and this will also remain in the legacy of the handball and volleyball national federation for the development of the two sports and national and international competitions organization. It is worth mentioning that the branch national federations will benefit from these Games too by renovating and significant purchasing of sports equipment through our company for the purposes of the Games, and afterwards will remain in their property and for their further needs. The city of Belgrade as a host city will gain a lot by organizing such a large and massive sporting event in every sense, starting with tourism, cultural and economic importance. Next year, from July 14 to 27, we will be good hosts to a large number of participants, sports delegations, guests and volunteers. I am convinced that it will be in the best possible way, as Belgrade, as an organizer and a good host of many sports competitions, has shown itself numerous times before, Mr. Predrag Juskovic concluded.