One of the important 5th European Universities Games legacies will be a new sports facility for beach sports, as well as reconstructed sports facilities under the administration of the city of Belgrade, which will leave this great international sport competition to athletes, recreationists and citizens of Belgrade.

Besides the works in the Student City and the preparation of this facility to be a Sports village during the 5th European Universities Games, the largest investments of the Government of the Republic of Serbia done through the organizer of this major international sports event – EUB2020 d.o.o., are towards sports facilities managed by City Administration of Belgrade. The Government of the Republic of Serbia has approved 150 million dinars for investing in the reconstruction of sports facilities in Belgrade.

A new sports center for sand sports is being built on Ada Ciganlija. It is a place located on the Makiš side, where a field for beach football is already built. According to the urbanistic plan, big sports center for sand sports is intended to be built, which was lacking in the existing sports infrastructure of the city of Belgrade. For the needs of 5th European Universities Games, as well as for the future development of relatively new sports in the world and in our country, handball and beach volleyball, new facilities are being built that will be left in the “bequest” of branch sports federations for competitions and training for handball, volleyball and football on the sand. It will be one of the best centers of its kind in this part of Europe, where significant international and domestic competitions will be held in the coming period.

In addition to the construction of a sports center for sand sports, three facilities will be also prepared which require more or less reconstruction and adaptation. After the Games, the sports centers “Šumice”, “Voždovac” and “Milan Gale Muškatirović” will have not only a new look, but also new functions for the development of sports in Belgrade.

At USC “Voždovac” complete repair of the roof, ceiling in the interior, ventilation and air conditioning, as well as complete painting of the building are done; at SC “Šumice” new parquet is being installed, locker rooms and toilets, VIP lodge are being reconstructed, and as well as on the other buildings, the whole building will get a new look by painting; at SC “Milan Gale Muškatirović”, new locker rooms for the outdoor pool, offices and a new warm connection between the two parts of the indoor and outdoor pool are being established.

– According to the scope of work, the biggest adaptations and reconstructions are to the sports center “Šumice”, says Akim Komnenić, the head of the Venues department at the 5th European Universities Games. There is a complete replacement of the parquet as the ground surface, painting of the sports hall and other auxiliary rooms, complete setting of toilets and locker rooms, setting of the VIP box, works on ventilation and air conditioning, as well as many other minor adaptations in this sports facility. EUB 2020 doo together with the management of SC “Šumice”, will provide additional works on this facility, with their own funds and make this sports center having much better conditions for training and competition than it has been so far. In this facility competitions, futsal will take place during the 5th European Universities Games.

New locker rooms, toilets and offices for the needs of the outdoor pool and other rooms are being built in SC “Milan Gale Muškatirović”, as well as warm connection with the indoor pool.

– This is the biggest gain for this sports center, points out Akim Komnenić, due to the investment and works, this sports facility will acquire the conditions for candidacy and organization of all major international competitions, which has not been the case so far. This investment greatly raises the quality of conditions for training and competitions of clubs in water sports.

Sports center “Voždovac” has been having a problem with the quality of the roof for a long time, which has not been changed since the construction of facility and which was in a very bad condition. The management of SC “Voždovac” and thus the athletes and organizers of sports competitions have lately “struggled” with frequent leaks of the roof, which has caused no small problems for everyone in their regular activities.

– From this summer, they will no longer have such problems, because the complete instalation of the roof of SC “Voždovac” has been done, Komnenić points out. Besides this, ventilation was repaired and new air-conditioning chillers were installed; in all corridors and locker rooms, the ceiling was adapted with new lighting; the space that users of SC “Voždovac” use recreationally for playing table tennis is specially set out. Thus, this sports center, with all the auxiliary facilities, will be much more functional, with better quality and more beautiful, for the implementation of various sports and other activities, concluded Komnenić, Head of Venues department at EUB2020 d.o.o.