Although history of Judo in Serbia begins in the 1950s, jiu jitsu, sport that came before is known in Serbia since the beginning of the twentieth century. First books of the fighting techniques of the ancient samurais were printed on Serbian languages back then.

However, it took four decade for Judo to be popular in Serbia, because in 1953 first Judo clubs were founded in Belgrade. Year after council for judo was founded as a part of association that combined Wresting, Weightlifting and Judo. After its founding rapid success of the sport in Serbia began, and that was because of seminars and courses of some of the most famous judokas from Japan, among them there was the first official champion of the World Natsui.

First national Judo competition was held in Zagreb in 1955 and Yugoslav Judo Federation became a part of European Judo Union in 1957 and the next year our athletes took part at their first international competition – European Student Championship in Saint Tropez.