Road to success is often hard and difficult. Some universities don´t have a problem to pay the entire amount to spend their teams, as others go through a lot of challenges in order to compete at EUSA events. Football team of University of Jyvaskyla are one of the most creative in that field and they raise funds to get to the university championships is the most unique and they leave their mark. Guys that traditionally show at the accreditation desk all suit up, gather money needed for trip and fee in different ways. The most unique thing is the calendar they publish every year.

“This calendar concept is from 2009, when the first calendar was released for fundraising that year’s EUSA Football at Wroclaw. The first EUSA Football we attended was 2007 at Rome, so this idea for getting money for the championships was invented few years from that, and since that we’ve done that every year”, started the story Eino Muhonen, person in charge for the marketign of the calendar.

“Research about the origin of the calendar led to the story that some kind of calendar from the students of the Faculty of Sports Sciences of University of Jyväskylä came out as long ago as eighties, but factual information of that we don’t have. Maybe there was some tradition even decades ago, but like I said, this concept was invented for 2009 EUSA Football.”

Thousand of calendars have been printed and sold and the sales droped in the last couple of years.

“Few years ago the record sales was about 1700 calendars, but since it have been decreased from that in recent years, we have ordered now 800 copies at first but if they sell out, we are ready to order more. That’s not enough to finance fully our way to EUSA Football events, so we need to do more different kind of (paid) voluntary work to get money to our club.”

Eino mentioned that the EUSA competition is not the only event they need the money for.

“We also play futsal in Finnish premier futsal league (called Futsal-Liiga), our combined costs of the EUSA Games and futsal season are pretty high. We try to cover the overall expenses as well as we can with the calendar and the other voluntary work, but usually we have to pay some of the costs also from our own wallets.“

Good news for everyone that want to help this fantastic team can do that without traveling to Finland to do it.

“All the people that want can order a calendar. Normally the easiest way to buy the calendar if you don’t find us selling it at the University of Jyväskylä campus is to order it from our website, but since it’s only available in Finnish it would be hard to order if you don’t understand our language. So everyone non-Finnish-speaker who is interested about buying our calendar, just email me straight to so we can take care it for you!”

This year´s topic will be especially interesting to sweet tooths and especially, ladies.

“The topic of this year’s calendar is “Man Candy”, in Finnish “Mieskarkit”. There are different well-known Finnish candies in every picture with our handsome players.”

It is likely that we will next year, like always, at the fifth European Universities Games in Belgrade see the football team of University of Jyvaskyla.

“Yes, most likely we’ll come! We expect to return to our own level from last year’s championships where we finished 18th of 20 teams. And one thing we hope also is better food at the tournament. Our best result is 5th from 2014 at Rotterdam, so maybe we try to improve that!

Great guys from University of Jyvaskyla can serve as an example to all the teams that have difficulties to pay all necessary expenses for their trip to Belgrade at the biggest European Universities sport event in history. Solutions exist for sure, and all you need is creativity. See you in Belgrade!

Sjajni momci sa Univerziteta Juvaskula mogu da posluže kao primer ekipama koje imaju poteškoća da plate sve potrebne troškove za dolazak u Beograd na najveći Evropski univerzitetski sportski događa u istoriji. Rešenje sigurno postoji, potrebna je samo kreativnost. Vidimo se u Beogradu!