Europe marks #beactive European Week of Sport. The event, launched by the European Commission in 2015, is being held across Europe for the sixth time. The goal of the project, in which 16 million people took part through various events last year, is the development of sports and the promotion of physical activity.

The official start of the European Week of Sport was marked in the German city of Frankfurt on Wednesday, September 23, with a greeting message from the President of the International Olympic Committee, Thomas Bach. One of the ambassadors of the event promoter was also officially the best FISU athlete in 2015, the winner of the Olympic and Universiade medal, Fabian Hambuchen. During the week, numerous sports and educational events will be organized throughout Europe until September 30.

The program of the European Sports Week is about encouraging citizens to become physically active regardless age or physical condition, as well as education about a healthy lifestyle.

During the European Week of Sport, numerous events are organized at national and local level within four topics: education, workplace, outdoor activities, sports clubs and fitness centers.

The European University Sports Association (EUSA) has been an official partner of the European Commission since the beginning of the European Sports Week project.

On the first day of the European Week of Sport in Serbia, Kosjerić hosted as many as three sports events. The President of the Olympic Committee of Serbia, Božidar Maljković, visited sports workshops accompanied by the President of the Kosjerić Municipality, Žarko Đokić, and together they opened the traditional Memorial Athletics Race “Svetomir Đukić”.

Various activities during the European Week of Sport will be realized throughout Serbia in Belgrade, Knjaževac, Pirot, Zaječar, Vršac, Kruševac, Arandjelovac, Ljig, Despotovac and other cities.